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<br /> <br />CHAPTER 68 - STORMWATER MANAGEMENT <br /> <br />68.01 DEFINITIONS <br /> <br />68.02 PURPOSE <br /> <br />68.03 SCOPE AND EFFECT <br /> <br />(A) Applicability <br />(B) Plan Compliance <br />(C) Joint Responsibility <br />(D) Large Site Projects <br />(E) Small Site Projects <br />(F) Use of Best Management Practices <br />(G) Exemptions <br />(H) NPDES General Stormwater Permit for Construction Activity <br />(I) Waiver <br /> <br />68.04 SMALL SITE PROJECTS; EROSION AND SEDIMENT CONTROL PLAN; <br />APPLICATION PROCEDURES <br /> <br />(A) Application Process <br /> <br />68.05 LARGE SITE PROJECTS; STORMWATER MANAGEMENT PLAN APPLICATION <br />PROCEDURES <br /> <br />(A) Application Process <br />(B) Models/Methodologies/Computations <br />(C) Legal Documents <br /> <br />68.06 STORMWATER AND URBAN RUNOFF POLLUTION <br /> <br />(A) Illegal Disposal <br />(B) Illicit Discharges and Illicit Connections <br />(C) Good Housekeeping Provisions <br />(D) Removal of Debris and Residue <br /> <br />68.07 EROSION AND SEDIMENT CONTROL PLAN AND STORMWATER MANAGEMENT <br />PLAN REVIEW PROCEDURES <br />(A) Process <br />(B) Duration <br />(C) Conditions <br />(D) Financial Securities <br />(E) Maintaining the Financial Security <br />(F) Action Against the Financial Security <br />(G) City Use of Funds <br />(H) Returning the Financial Security <br />(I) Fees <br /> <br />68.08 STORMWATER MANAGEMENT PLAN APPROVAL STANDARDS <br />(A) Approval <br />(B) Compliance with Other Plans <br />(C) Compliance with NPDES Requirements <br />(D) Site Dewatering <br />(E) Waste and Material Disposal <br /> <br />