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<br />CHAPTER 66 <br />RIGHT-OF-WAY MANAGEMENT <br /> <br />Sec. 66.01 Findings, Purpose, and Intent <br />Sec. 66.02 Election to Manage the Public Rights-of-Way <br />Sec. 66.03 Definitions <br />Sec. 66.04 Administration <br />Sec. 66.05 Registration and Right-of-Way Occupancy <br />Sec. 66.06 Registration Information <br />Sec. 66.07 Reporting Obligations <br />Sec. 66.08 Permit Requirement <br />Sec. 66.09 Permit Applications <br />Sec. 66.10 Issuance of Permit; Conditions <br />Sec. 66.10.1 Action on Small Wireless Facility Permit Applications <br />Sec. 66.11 Permit Fees <br />Sec. 66.12 Right-of-Way Patching and Restoration <br />Sec. 66.13 Joint Applications <br />Sec. 66.14 Supplementary Applications <br />Sec. 66.15 Other Obligations <br />Sec. 66.16 Denial of Permit <br />Sec. 66.17 Standards for Construction and Installation Requirements <br />Sec. 66.18 Inspection <br />Sec. 66.19 Work Done Without a Permit <br />Sec. 66.20 Supplementary Notification <br />Sec. 66.21 Revocation of Permits <br />Sec. 66.22 Mapping Data <br />Sec. 66.23 Location and Relocation of Facilities <br />Sec. 66.24 Pre-Excavation Facilities Location <br />Sec. 66.25 Damage to Other Facilities <br />Sec. 66.26 Right-of-Way Vacation <br />Sec. 66.27 Indemnification and Liability <br />Sec. 66.28 Abandoned and Unused Facilities <br />Sec. 66.29 Appeal <br />Sec. 66.30 Severability <br />ec. 66.31 Reservation of Regulatory and Police Powers <br />S <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />