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Exemptions: <br /> The provisions of this chapter do not apply to: <br /> 1. Any activity that disturbs less than 1,000 square feet of land or any activity that disturbs less than 6,000 <br /> square feet on single-family properties outside any shoreland areas; <br /> 2. Any part of a subdivision if a plat for the subdivision has been approved by the City Council on or <br /> before the effective date of this chapter; <br /> 3. Any site plans approved on or before the effective date of this chapter; <br /> 4. A lot for which a building permit has been approved on or before the effective date of this chapter; <br /> 5. Ongoing operations and maintenance activities for existing facilities such that any single activity does <br /> not exceed project sizes specified in paragraphs C and D of Section 68.03. <br /> 6. Installation and maintenance of fence, sign, telephone, and electric poles and other kinds of posts or <br /> poles; <br /> 7. Minor land disturbance activities such as home gardens and lawn maintenance; or <br /> 8. Tilling, planting, or harvesting of agricultural or horticultural crops, or planting of silvicultural (forestry) <br /> crops, or for such removals for maintenance activities, but such activities shall implement SWCD and <br /> NRCS approved erosion control practices. <br /> 9. Emergency work to protect life, limb, or property and emergency repairs, unless the land disturbing <br /> activity would have otherwise required an approved erosion and sediment control plan, except for the <br /> emergency. If such a plan would have been required, then the disturbed land area shall be shaped <br /> and stabilized in accordance with the City's requirements as soon as possible. <br />