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Planning Commission CUP Application Requirements: <br /> Mining/Extraction Pits <br /> This packet provides the information needed to submit a Conditional Use Permit application for <br /> a mine/extraction pit to the City of Winona Planning Commission. Note that no part of an <br /> extraction operation may be located within 2,000 feet of a residential zoning district. Because of <br /> the amount of information needed for the application, at least one pre-application meeting with <br /> City staff is required. Contact the City Planning Division to schedule the meeting (507-457- <br /> 8250). Below is a list of information recommended for the pre-application meeting: <br /> 1. Provide Applicant Information: <br /> • Who is applying? Who is the principal project contact? <br /> • Who will handle the application requirements? <br /> 2. Provide a Narrative of the Proposed Use: <br /> • Location of site and conceptual map of proposed operation <br /> • Operations details (equipment used, quantity of extraction, annual extraction rate, years <br /> in service, average number of trucks per day, maximum number of trucks per day; <br /> hours, days, and months of operation) <br /> • Schedule for extraction <br /> • Materials to be extracted <br /> • Post-Mining reclamation narrative <br /> 3. Provide a Narrative of Anticipated Market for Material Extracted <br /> • Where are the materials being transported? <br /> • What routes are planned for transportation? <br /> Following the pre-application meeting/s, an application may be submitted. Below is a summary <br /> of the required information for the CUP application: <br /> 1. Responses to General Performance Standards Conditions - 43.03.12. <br /> 2. Responses to General CUP Requirements—43.06.24 D) <br /> 3. Responses to Use Specific Standards for Extraction Pits - Unified Development <br /> Code 43.03.77 D). <br /> After submittal, the application will be forwarded to the Planning Commission and City Council <br /> to determine if a discretionary Environmental Assessment Worksheet is appropriate. The <br /> determination will be based on the checklist in Attachment A. In addition, state statute may <br /> require an EAW/EIS for the project. A requirement for an EAW or EIS will delay further <br /> processing of the CUP application by the Planning Commission. <br /> Attachments <br /> A) State Environmental Regulations Summary <br /> B) Moisture Testing Procedure <br /> C) Fugitive Dust Control Plan Requirements <br /> 1 <br />