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Site Plan Review Process: After submittal of a complete site plan application, City departments will review <br /> the plan. In addition, notice of plan submittal is given to property owners within 150 feet of the project and <br /> notice is provided to the Planning Commission. Contact City staff with questions at 507-457-8250. <br /> Required Information <br /> ❑ Name and address of the developer; <br /> ❑ Name and address of the property owner; <br /> ❑ The recommended plan scale is one inch equals 20 feet or larger in size; <br /> ❑ Survey information including distances with angles or bearings and north points; <br /> ❑ Small key map; <br /> ❑ Area of land in square feet; <br /> ❑ Location, dimensions, and area of existing building(s)to remain or be removed; <br /> ❑ Proposed buildings with location dimensions, area and number of stories, occupancy classification and type <br /> of construction pursuant to State Building Code; <br /> ❑ Zoning classification of the site plan land and the zoning classification of adjacent lands; <br /> ❑ Distance on all sides between buildings and property lines and between buildings; <br /> ❑ Building height; <br /> ❑ Building use including number of employees or apartments or family units; <br /> ❑ Response to any applicable use specific standards pursuant to Unified Development Code Section 43.02.22 <br /> and Article 3 Division 7 (Use Specific Standards); <br /> ❑ If in a Mixed-Use District or a 5+ unit residential development in an R-District, provide a response to all <br /> applicable Form Based Design Standards pursuant to Unified Development Code Article 3 Division 6. If <br /> form based standards apply, elevation drawings of the proposed development shall be submitted with the <br /> site plan; <br /> ❑ Location, size and elevation of proposed and existing sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water mains, hydrants, <br /> gas lines, underground power and communication lines, catch basins and drywells, along with information <br /> as to how new utilities will be connected to existing utilities; <br /> ❑ Existing and proposed contours or spot grades; <br /> ❑ Drainage design for roof areas, parking lot and driveways, showing area for or method of disposal of surface <br /> runoff pursuant to city code section 43.03.12 A)10); <br /> ❑ Limits, location and size of retaining walls and the type of materials to be used in construction; <br /> ❑ Location of proposed or existing streets and curbs, sidewalks, easements and rights-of-way; <br /> ❑ Existing and proposed street curb cut radii and curb cut width; <br /> ❑ Number of proposed parking spaces and parking area design pursuant to Unified Development Code Article <br /> 3 Division 2; <br /> ❑ Directions of vehicular traffic flow to, from and within parking and/or loading areas,together with locations of <br /> traffic-control signs and markings; <br /> ❑ Location and approximate diameter of proposed or existing trees and other woody stemmed plantings <br /> together with the common names of the plantings pursuant to code sections 43.03.31 and 43.03.32; <br /> ❑ Limits and location of plantings or physical structures designed to screen vehicle lights preventing <br /> illumination of residential areas; <br /> ❑ Limits and location of plantings or screening designed to provide a buffer between parking areas and the <br /> ROW (except in 1-1 and 1-2 zoning districts)pursuant to code section 43.03.41 and 43.03.42. <br /> ❑ Location of rubbish and garbage areas, loading and unloading areas and surfacing and 6'screening thereof; <br /> ❑ Location of outdoor storage areas and required 6'solid board/fence screening pursuant to code section <br /> 43.03.42 E); <br /> ❑ Locations, height and type of all outside lighting including street, sign,and security lighting pursuant to code <br /> section 43.03.51 and 43.03.52; <br /> ❑ Locations, size, height and overall dimensions of outside signs; <br /> ❑ If residential development, location of area for pet waste disposal. <br /> Other Information that should be shown. <br /> ❑ Fire vehicle access (International Fire Code, Section 503). <br /> ❑ Required stormwater management/erosion plans(City Code Chapter 68). <br /> ❑ Location and size of water/sewer service,water meter(s)and 6"isolation valves on fire hydrants. <br /> The City Code can be found online at: <br /> The following departments review site plans and should be contacted in advance to assure compliance: <br /> Planning (457-8250) Public Works(457-8274) <br /> Fire(457-8266) Engineering (457-8269) <br />