Laserfiche WebLink
The city of Winona uses Laserfiche as its electronic document imaging system specifically geared toward records <br /> management. Many cities use the software to store and preserve old and current documents. <br /> Below is a step-by-step guide on how to search for a council agenda in Laserfiche. Ensure your browser is <br /> connecting to the 8.0 version (Laserfiche recently upgraded from 7.0 to 8.0.Your browser may have bookmarked the <br /> old version).A"help"tab is located at the top right of the page. For more information or help, please contact the City <br /> Clerk's office at 457-8200. <br /> To view past and current City Council Meeting agendas,follow the below instructions: <br /> •Click on the Laserfiche link above. <br /> •Click on"City Council." <br /> •Click on"Agendas." <br /> •Click on"2013 Council Agendas." <br /> •Click on"01072013." <br /> Folders are sorted by dates. For example,01072013 contains information on the January 7,2013 council meeting. <br /> •You cannot search within an open document in the Laserfiche .PNG file view.To search within a document, export <br /> to a PDF(click on the PDF tab on the tool bar). <br /> •It will ask"pages to print",select download and print(don't worry,the document will not print, it will open as a PDF). <br /> •If it doesn't open as a PDF, be sure your browser is enabled to"accept pop-ups." <br /> •If over 75 pages, a message may appear saying print only the first 75 pages will print. Click ok. <br /> •To search within the first 75 pages, press at the same time"Ctrl"and"F." <br /> •If what you want is not contained in the first 75 pages,go back to the Laserfiche view, click on the PDF tab,select <br /> download and print and type in pages numbers to view. For the second round,type in 76-151 and so on. Repeat if <br /> necessary. <br /> •You can also search using the"Search" box at the top of the page. <br />