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CHAPTER 46 - FIRE PREVENTION <br />46.01 ADOPTION OF THE MINNESOTA STATE FIRE CODE <br />(a) Codes Adopted by Reference <br />(b) Application, Administration and Enforcement <br />(c) Permits and Fees <br />(d) Violations and Penalties <br />46.02 OPEN -FLAME AND FUEL STORAGE PROHIBITED <br />46.03 REQUIRED WATER SUPPLY FOR FIRE PROTECTION <br />46.04 APPEALS <br />46.05 POLICE POWERS AT FIRES <br />46.06 SERVICING FIRE EXTINGUISHERS AND FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS <br />(a) Definition <br />(b) License Required <br />(c) Certificates of Competency; Fire Extinguishers; Classification <br />(d) Issuance of Certificates of Competency; Fire Extinguishers <br />(e) Certificate of Competency; Fire Extinguishing Systems; Application and Issuance <br />(f) Numbering Certificates <br />46.07 OPEN BURNING <br />(a) <br />Prohibited <br />(b) <br />Definition of Open Burning <br />(c) <br />Outdoor Fireplace or Fire <br />(d) <br />Bonfires <br />46.08 SMOKE DETECTION DEVICES <br />(a) Definition <br />(b) Notify Owner or Manager <br />(c) Disabling Smoke Detector <br />46.09 SPRINKLER SYSTEMS <br />(a) <br />Definitions <br />(b) <br />Control Valves <br />(c) <br />Domestic Type <br />(d) <br />Waterflow Alarms <br />(e) <br />Inspection Notice <br />46.10 TESTING OF FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY SYSTEMS <br />