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<br /> <br />CHAPTER 1 <br />LICENSES AND PERMITS AND SERVICE CHARGES OF THE CITY <br /> <br />51.01 Fees and Charges Established. <br /> <br /> City Clerk <br /> Application to Appeal Board of Adjustment Decision <br />o <br /> Bus Fares <br />o <br /> Carnival License <br />o <br /> Circus License <br />o <br /> Code Book Copies <br />o <br /> Council Person Filing Fee <br />o <br /> Data Requests <br />o <br /> Fortunetelling, Palmistry, and Phrenology License <br />o <br /> Going Out of Business License <br />o <br /> Liquor Licenses <br />o <br /> Mechanical Amusement Device License <br />o <br /> Motor Vehicle Dealer License <br />o <br /> Moving Permit <br />o <br /> Pawnbroker License <br />o <br /> Portable Restroom Unit Placement on City Owned Property of Right of Way <br />o <br /> Scrap Dealer or Scrap Peddler License <br />o <br /> Wastewater Discharged to City’s Wastewater Treatment System <br />o <br /> <br /> Community Development, Inspections, and Planning Departments <br /> Administration Fees <br />o <br /> Annexation Request Processing Fee <br />o <br /> Appeal of a Public Nuisance Abatement Order <br />o <br /> Boathouses <br />o <br /> Building Permit Fees <br />o <br /> Garbage/Refuse <br />o <br /> Gas Burning Equipment <br />o <br /> Gas Burning Equipment, Conversion Burner or Gas Designed Heating <br />o <br />Appliance, Alteration to Existing Gas Burner Equipment or Remodeling <br />Permit <br /> Gas Dryer, Gas Range, Gas Fireplace or any other Gas Appliance Permits, <br />o <br />other than those used in connection with a primary or secondary heating <br />system <br /> Kennel License <br />o <br /> Park Land Dedication <br />o <br /> Rental Housing – Due Every Five Years <br />o <br /> Other Inspections and Fees <br />o <br /> Other Inspection Fees <br />o <br /> Plumbing Permits <br />o <br /> Preliminary Plat Fees in Chapter 42 <br />o <br /> Site Plan Application <br />o <br /> Sign Permits <br />o <br /> Transfer Station License <br />o <br /> Variance Requests <br />o <br /> Weeds <br />o <br /> Zoning Amendment Application <br />o <br /> <br /> Engineering and Public Works Department <br /> Concrete Permits (Sidewalk, Driveway Approach, Curb and Gutter) <br />o <br /> <br />