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WINONA <br />MINNESOTA <br />1st Ward Al Thurley <br />2"d Ward Eileen Moeller <br />3rd Ward Pamela Eyden <br />Winona City Council Agenda <br />Tuesday, February 18, 2020 <br />6:30 P.M., Meeting No. 4 <br />City Council Chambers — City Hall <br />3rd Floor - 207 Lafayette Street <br />Mayor Mark Peterson <br />4th Ward <br />At -Large <br />At -Large <br />George Borzyskowski <br />Michelle Alexander <br />Paul Schollmeier <br />1. Call to Order — Mayor & City Manager's Comments — Roll Call <br />2. Required Public Hearings <br />Planning <br />1. <br />276 E. Garvin Heights Rezoning: AG/NR to R-R <br />Planning <br />2. <br />262 High Forest Rezoning: R-2 to MU-N <br />3. Petitions, Requests, Communications <br />City Clerk <br />1. <br />Sign and Banner Schedule <br />City Clerk <br />2. <br />Temporary Wine and Malt Liquor Licenses for Habitat for Humanity <br />City Clerk <br />3. <br />Temporary Wine and Malt Liquor Licenses for the Great River Shakespeare <br />Festival <br />City Clerk <br />4. <br />Temporary Wine and Malt Liquor License for Hurry Back Productions <br />City Clerk <br />5. <br />Request to Hold Miles for Smiles Walk at West Lake <br />City Clerk <br />6. <br />Request to Block Portion of Alley <br />Parks & <br />Recreation <br />Request for Island City Beer Run .05K & 5K <br />4. Unfinished Business <br />Parks & <br />Recreation <br />1. <br />Award Contract for Lake Park - Lions Club Playground Project <br />City Clerk <br />2. <br />Vacate Alley in Central School Block <br />5. New Business <br />Planning <br />1. <br />Plat Review — Nisbit Beier Plat <br />Community <br />Development <br />2 <br />Mississippi Riverfront Path Phase I — Project and Funding <br />City Manager <br />3. <br />Minnesota River Water Storage Initiative Resolution <br />City Clerk <br />4. <br />Resolution of Support for the Twin Cities -Milwaukee -Chicago Second Train <br />Parks & <br />Recreation <br />5. <br />Prairie Island Campground Management Agreement Amendment #2 <br />Parks & <br />Recreation <br />6. <br />Levee Park Master Plan — Phase Two <br />City Clerk <br />7. <br />Amend Ordinance for Sunday Hours for On -Sale Liquor Sales <br />