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AdMiL <br /> _ wirvc�r�A <br /> PARK&RECREATION <br /> Bob Welch Aquatic Center Rate Sheet for 2019 Season <br /> Daily Admission Group Daily Admission* Tax Exempt Group Daily Admission** Membership <br /> 4& Under Free Free Free Free <br /> 5-18 Years Old $4.00 $3.50 $3.26 $48.00 <br /> 19&Over $5.00 $4.50 $4.19 $48.00 <br /> *To receive the group rate, your organization must have 20 or more paid daily admissions in a visit. <br /> **To receive the tax exempt rate, please confirm we have a current tax exempt certificate on file when you schedule your <br /> group visit. <br /> ***Each membership is$48.00, there are no group rates or discounts offered. <br /> Sanitation&Weather Situations <br /> From time to time the Bob Welch Aquatic Center may experience an unexpected delay in opening, partial closure or <br /> complete closure. Below are the guidelines staff will use in the event of inclement weather or a sanitation emergency, and <br /> how it will impact your group. <br /> Weather <br /> The air temperature must be 65 degrees for the Aquatic Center to open. If the air temperature does not reach 65 degrees by <br /> the scheduled opening time, the Aquatic Center will delay opening.Additionally, if the air temperature drops below 65 <br /> degrees while open,the Aquatic Center may close temporarily and/or close early for the day. <br /> Inclement weather includes thunder, lightening, and extreme downpours. Should any of these weather conditions arise,the <br /> Aquatic Center will either delay opening or temporarily close.When thunder and lightning are present, there is a minimum of <br /> a 30 minute closure.The 30 minute time frame resets for each sighting of lightening or audible sound of thunder. <br /> There are no refunds or complimentary passes for weather related closings. <br /> Sanitation Emergencies <br /> Sanitation emergencies occur when there is fecal matter or stomach contents from vomit in the pool. In following the <br /> guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control,the following protocols are in place: <br /> • Solid fecal matter: —30*minutes closure from the time chemicals enter the water <br /> • Loose fecal matter: Closure for the day <br /> • Vomit with stomach contents: —30*minutes closure from the time chemicals enter the water <br /> • Vomit without stomach contents (water): No closure needed <br /> *Closure time is based on chemical levels and will vary based on the situation <br /> If your group has been at the Aquatic Center for less than two hours when a sanitation emergency occurs, complimentary <br /> passes will be issued for paid entries only. A group representative will need to check-in with management prior to leaving. <br /> Information&Cancellation Hotline <br /> Any time the Aquatic Center has an adjusted schedule,the information&cancellation hotline will be updated. Often <br /> inclement weather and sanitation emergencies happen without notice and the Aquatic Center staff's focus is ensuring the <br /> safety of patrons that are in the facility. For that reason,we cannot guarantee notification if there is a closing. The best <br /> practice is for your group to check the information &cancellation line prior to traveling to the Aquatic Center. If there is no <br /> message or an outdated message that means the Aquatic Center is open regular hours.We encourage you to use this <br /> resource. The information &cancellation line number is(507)457-8220,option 3 for the Aquatic Center. <br /> Bob Welch Aquatic Center <br /> 780 West 4th Street * Winona, MN * 55987 <br /> (507)453-1646 <br /> rev.2/2018 <br />