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Bob Welch Aquatic Center 2020 Group Request Form <br /> If you have a group that will be visiting the Bob Welch Aquatic Center this summer, once or on a regular <br /> basis, please let us know by filling out this form. Below are spaces where you can enter your requested <br /> dates. Please make sure we have your tax-exempt form on file if you are tax-exempt. You will receive an <br /> email confirmation within 5 business days. Thank you and we look forward to you visiting the BWAC! <br /> PLEASE CONTACT US WITH QUESTIONS. 507-457-8258 <br /> Name of Group: Please Check the Payment Option your group <br /> plans to use: <br /> Contact Person: <br /> 100%Bill 0 Membership*** 0 Pay at BWAC <br /> Billing Address: Please Check your Tax Status: <br /> City: 0 Exempt 0 Non-Exempt <br /> State: ***When using the membership option, please plan to provide <br /> a roster of participants that are in attendance during each visit. <br /> Zip: The roster should include the number of staff,and first and last <br /> names of all youth participants.The BWAC staff will use the <br /> Work Phone: roster to check members in.Groups that have participants in <br /> attendance that do not have a current membership will be <br /> Cell or Day of Visit billed the daily attendance rate for each non-membership <br /> Phone: participant. <br /> Email: <br /> REQUEST DAY DATE(S) ARRIVAL DEPARTURE <br /> TIME TIME <br /> 1 <br /> 2 <br /> 3 <br /> 4 <br /> 5 <br /> 6 <br /> 7 <br /> 8 <br /> 9 <br /> 10 <br />