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The East Rec Community Garden exists: <br /> • To provide a space for people to grow, eat and share produce. <br /> • To foster wellness (body, mind, spirit)through gardening &programming <br /> • To celebrate diversity, creativity and sustainability. <br /> We have established ground rules to ensure that spending time with us is <br /> pleasant. By signing up for a plot, you agree to follow these Garden <br /> Guidelines. <br /> Uses <br /> • Garden must be actively used for growing annual vegetables, fruit and flowers, and must be cared <br /> for throughout the growing year. Something must be planted by June 15th.* Regular care <br /> includes planting,watering, and harvesting in a timely fashion, and prompt removal of weeds and <br /> spent crop plants. Plots that are not used or cared for may be reassigned. <br /> • Individuals are allowed to sign up for one plot, while organizations can request up to 3 plots. <br /> Weeds <br /> • All plots should look tidy and be kept weed-free throughout the season. Plots in violation of this <br /> policy may be re-assigned. Please note that herbicides are not allowed. Get help identifying <br /> weeds from the garden coordinator or experienced gardeners. <br /> Tall plants <br /> • Please work with your neighbors when planting tall plants such as sunflowers or bean trellises so <br /> you don't shade adjacent gardens. Planting trees or shrubs is not allowed at this site. <br /> Chemicals <br /> • Organic gardening is required. Use only organic fertilizers,weed killers or bug killers. <br /> • If you are unsure whether a product you want to use is allowed, search for it on the Organic <br /> Materials Review Institute website at www., or call the Master Gardener Hotline at <br /> 503-655-8631 <br /> Compost&Waste <br /> • There is a large compost bin for spent plants which are to be used for plant debris only(aka <br /> weeds that have gone to seed). <br /> • There is a trash can located by the shed area to throw non-compostable trash. <br />