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' Garden Q & A <br /> Why a Community Garden and not something else? <br /> • We certainly considered other ideas including turf, open space,small dog park, and an expansion of the play area. <br /> Taking many things into consideration including cost, public demand, and being the right "fit"for the space,we <br /> landed on a community garden. It appeals to and serves a wide variety of populations, is more cost effective than <br /> the other options to start-up, and meets more of our service values than the other projects. <br /> What is the longevity of this project? <br /> • While permanency is the goal,there is always the risk of losing the space to a larger-scale project. As of right now, <br /> we need to look at this project as impermanent with a plan for another location should this one fall through. The <br /> City is committed to a minimum of two growing seasons at this location. <br /> Who is in charge? Operating this? <br /> • Recreation Coordinator for the City of Winona is the lead. Part time staff, interns and volunteers will take on a <br /> strong and supportive role. <br /> What does the space look like? <br /> • See map on page 5. <br /> Who is allowed to participate? <br /> • While a number of the plots are set aside for organizations (group rate$20),the rest will be available to the com- <br /> munity at large. Anyone who shows an interest in gardening and the community it creates is welcome to register <br /> and pay for a plot. <br /> How many plots will be available,sizes and fees? <br /> • Approx. 35 plots will be available for the community at large. Three sizes are available: 4x4, 2x12,4x12, and 6x12. <br /> A plot fee of $10/$15/$30/$45 respectively will be collected to help cover expenses and no one will be turned <br /> away due to not being able to pay. <br /> How do I register/pay? <br /> • Registration will be available online, over the phone or in person via our Active Network system. Registration op- <br /> tions will be organized by plot size. For example, when I search for"community garden" as an activity, it will show <br /> 4 options (the four plot sizes). Those options have coinciding fees based on the size. A waiver will need to be <br /> signed by each individual before gardening. <br /> • Organizations will need to register in person for their designated lots. !'%'°'�� <br /> g g� p g p <br /> Can I have more than one plot? <br /> • No. If we get close to the growing season and still have plots available we would consider allow- ✓' n <br /> ing people to register for another. <br /> „AM%,, <br /> As a participant,what will be expected of me? �mr <br /> • (see garden guidelines on page 10& 11) <br /> Will I have access to tools,water, etc..or will I need to bring my own? <br /> • The space will be equipped with garden tools,gloves,water cans, compost,water, shade, picnic <br /> tables, etc... to be kept on site and used as needed. <br />