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BYLAWS <br /> WINONA FRIENDSHIP CENTER ACTIVITY COUNCIL, INC. <br /> (Revised July 2015) <br /> ARTICLE I. MISSION STATEMENT <br /> Vision: Every adult 55 and older in Winona area will be an active member. <br /> Mission: To provide leadership by advising staff on programs, community <br /> involvement by participating and networking in the community and <br /> financial support by fundraising. <br /> ARTICLE II. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE <br /> Section 1. The general membership of the Winona Friendship Center Activity Council <br /> consists of the general membership of the Winona Friendship Center. This membership <br /> consists of persons 55 years and older. <br /> Section 2. The Board of Directors will consist of at least eight directors, no more than 10 <br /> directors elected by a majority vote from the Center's general membership. The elected <br /> positions on the Council will be president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and four or <br /> more at-large members. <br /> Section 3. All directors will have voting power. However, the president will vote, and <br /> cast the deciding vote, only in case of a tie. <br /> Section 4. The Center's executive director or a representative of the City is to be present <br /> at meetings as an advisory nonvoting member. <br /> Section 5. As representatives of the general membership, all members of the Board and <br /> committees are obligated to seek out concerns and ideas concerning programming and <br /> financial matters from the general membership and bring them to the executive director <br /> of the Center or to the Board for consideration. <br /> Section 6. This organization shall be non-sectarian and non-partisan. <br /> ARTICLE III. PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY <br /> The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, <br /> shall govern the Board in all instances to which they are applicable and in which they are <br /> not inconsistent with bylaws and any special rules of order the Board may adopt. <br />