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CITY OF WINONA NUMBER: REVISED: PAGE 1 <br /> WINONA, MINNESOTA 112-13 1 1 OF 5 <br /> ADMINISTRATIVE SUBJECT: EXCAVATION &TRENCHING <br /> PROCEDURE POLICY <br /> 1.0 POLICY <br /> The City of Winona recognizes Excavations and Trenching as a potentially hazardous <br /> job duty. Therefore, only trained and authorized City of Winona employees will be <br /> allowed to create or work in or around excavations and/or trenches. <br /> 2.0 ORGANIZATIONS AFFECTED <br /> All Departments/Divisions with employees trained and authorized by the City of Winona. <br /> These authorized and trained employees will be given information on hazards <br /> associated with trenches including contact with numerous underground utilities, <br /> hazardous atmospheres, water accumulations, and collapse of adjacent structures. <br /> This policy applies to all City of Winona work and any contractors working on <br /> City of Winona projects or on City of Winona property. <br /> 3.0 ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES <br /> The City of Winona is responsible for developing and maintaining the written <br /> Excavation Procedures. <br /> Our Excavation Procedures are administered under the direction of our competent <br /> person(s), someone capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the <br /> surrounding or working conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to <br /> employees, and who has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate <br /> them. <br /> 4.0 PROCEDURES <br /> 4.1 Before Excavating <br /> Before beginning excavating, an excavation checklist must be completed for any <br /> and all sites. (See Appendix A) <br /> DEPARTMENT: SUPERSEDES: PREPARED BY: APPROVED BY: DATE: <br /> EHS 4/1/2010 PWD J RB 4/1/2010 <br /> REVIEWED: 3/20/13 <br />