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CITY OF WINONA NUMBER: REVISED: PAGE 1 <br /> WINONA, MINNESOTA 112-18 1 0 OF 1_ <br /> ADMINISTRATIVE SUBJECT: MOBILE EARTH-MOVING <br /> PROCEDURE EQUIPMENT POLICY <br /> 1.0 PURPOSE: <br /> The City of Winona is concerned for the safe operation by employees working with or around <br /> mobile earth moving equipment. This policy addresses training on the safe work procedures <br /> pertaining to, but not limited to, the following pieces of equipment: <br /> ■ Bulldozers <br /> ■ Motor Graders <br /> ■ Scrapers <br /> ■ Loaders <br /> ■ Skid-steer Loaders <br /> ■ Compacting Equipment <br /> ■ Backhoes <br /> ■ End dumps, side dumps, and dump trucks <br /> All City of Winona earth moving equipment must be equipped with properly working OSHA <br /> required safety devices. <br /> 2.0 TRAINING <br /> Training is to include operations of and/or working around earth moving equipment as job <br /> tasks require. Individuals with knowledge and experience and who can identify hazards <br /> related to mobile earth moving equipment will conduct the training. Employees subject to job <br /> duties involving earth moving equipment are to be trained initially with supplemental training as <br /> job task assignments and/or equipment change warrants. <br /> Records of training will be maintained in the employee's safety records for the duration of their <br /> employment with the City. <br /> 3.0 HIGH VISIBILITY PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT <br /> When an employee is working with or around mobile earth moving equipment, they are <br /> required to wear apparel assigned Class 2 or greater high visibility. <br /> 4.0 CONTRACTORS <br /> Contractors providing work for the City must ensure that their employees comply with this <br /> policy. <br /> DEPARTMENT: SUPERSEDES: PREPARED BY: APPROVED BY: DATE: <br /> SAFETY NONE DJW EBS 4/22/04 <br /> COORDINATOR <br /> REVIEWED: 6/1/2006 <br />