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LOAN APPLICATION <br /> PORT AUTHORITY OF WINONA <br /> REVOLVING LOAN FUND PROGRAM <br /> Name of Business: <br /> Business Address: <br /> City: State: Zip: Phone: <br /> Contact Person: Phone: Fax: <br /> Type of Business: Sole Proprietorship Partnership Corporation <br /> Date Established: <br /> Employer's Federal Identification Number: State Identification Number: <br /> Name of Owner(s)with 20% of more <br /> interest: <br /> Name % Owned <br /> Persons with an interest of 20% or more will be asked to provide a personal guarantee. <br /> Professional Services <br /> Name of Bank: Contact: <br /> Address: City: State: Phone: <br /> Name of Accountant: <br /> Address: City: State: Phone: <br /> Name of Attorney: <br /> Address: City: State: Phone: <br />