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2020 <br /> APPEAL OF UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT CODE INTERPRETATION <br /> APPLICATION <br /> COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, CITY OF WINONA, MINNESOTA 55987 <br /> P.O. BOX 378 507/457-8250 FAX: 507/457-8212 <br /> Applicant: <br /> Company/Individual <br /> Contact Person E-mail <br /> Mailing Address Office Phone <br /> City/State/Zip Mobile Phone <br /> An appeal may be taken by any person affected where it is alleged that there is an error <br /> in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by the Community <br /> Development Department in the interpretation or enforcement of the UDC. An appeal <br /> shall be made within 10 days after a decision has been made and transmitted by mail. <br /> Appeal Fee: $215.00 <br /> Type of Appeal (circle one): <br /> 1. Appeal to Form Based Design Standards Interpretation (Board of Adjustment will <br /> review at public hearing). <br /> 2. Appeal to Non-Form Based Design Standards Interpretation (Planning <br /> Commission will review at public hearing) <br /> A signed and dated written statement must be provided with this application. The <br /> statement must include: <br /> 1. The facts of the case under appeal (including specific UDC requirement) <br /> 2. Any additional documents or exhibits the appellant believes are required <br /> 3. A statement of the relief requested <br /> Notification will be sent within 15 business days if more information is required to <br /> declare the application complete. <br /> Signature of Applicant Date <br /> For Staff Use Only <br /> Date Received: Receipt : Parcel # <br />