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2020 <br /> UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT CODE <br /> COUNCIL APPEAL FORM <br /> SUBMIT TO: Winona City Clerk, 3rd Floor City Hall, 207 Lafayette Street, Winona, MN 55987 <br /> DEADLINE FOR APPEALS: <br /> • Variances; Form-Based Standards Decision (End of next business day 10 days <br /> following Board of Adjustment decision; typically Monday) <br /> • CUPS, IUPs, Land Disturbance Activity Permits, and Non-Form Based Standards <br /> Decision (End of business day 10 days following Planning Commission decision; <br /> typically Thursday) <br /> Appellant: <br /> Company/Individual <br /> Contact Person E-Mail <br /> Mailing Address Office Phone <br /> City/State/Zip Mobile Phone <br /> The following is required to file a valid appeal: <br /> 1. The appellant must be a party in interest aggrieved by the decision of the Board of <br /> Adjustment or the Planning Commission. A party in interest is a person upon whom a <br /> decision made by the Planning Commission or Board of Adjustment has made a <br /> tangible impact. The party shall establish the tangible impact in this application. A <br /> party in interest includes applicants, owners of adjacent property, and residents of the <br /> City of Winona. <br /> 2. A written statement of the reasons for the appeal. The reasons must be based on the <br /> review criteria considered by the Board of Adjustment or Planning Commission. City <br /> staff will provide a list of the applicable criteria. The statement must 1) Establish a <br /> tangible impact, 2) Succinctly state the facts, 3) Be accompanied by such documents or <br /> exhibits the appellant believes are required, and 4) State the relief requested. The <br /> statement must be dated, signed, and submitted with this application. <br /> 3. Appeal Fee: $215.00 <br /> Following submittal of a valid appeal, the City Clerk will schedule a public hearing in front of <br /> the City Council. You will have a maximum of 20 minutes to present your case to the Council <br /> at the meeting. The City Clerk will advise you of the meeting date and time. Questions about <br /> this form or the appeal process can be directed to the City Clerk's office at 507-457-8200. <br /> Signature Date <br /> For Staff Use Only <br /> Date Received: Receipt# Parcel #: <br />