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2020 SIGN PERMIT APPLICATION <br /> CITY OF WINONA— COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br /> 207 LAFAYETTE, WINONA, MN 55987 <br /> (507)457-8250; FAX (507)457-8212 <br /> Property Address: Suite/Unit: <br /> Applicant is: Owner Contractor Other <br /> Property Owner: Contractor: <br /> Company/Individual Company/Individual <br /> Contact Person Contact Person <br /> Mailing Address Mailing Address <br /> City/State/Zip City/State/Zip <br /> E-Mail E-Mail <br /> Phone Phone <br /> Applicant: <br /> Company/Individual <br /> Contact Person <br /> Mailing Address <br /> City/State2ip PERMIT FEE: Wall signs, roof signs, projecting <br /> E-Mail signs, church signs,with a minimum fee of <br /> Phone $47.00; ground signs, $95.00. <br /> TYPE OF USE: <br /> CLASS: New Alteration Repair Replace <br /> DISTRICT:_CBD _ Highway _ Industrial _Business _Residential _ Park <br /> SIGN DESCRIPTION: <br /> TYPE: Wall Projecting Ground Billboard QUANTITY: <br /> FACE: Metal Plastic Stone Wood Other <br /> FRAME: Metal Plastic Wood Other(Oth) <br /> SUPPORT: Metal Plastic Wood Other(Oth) <br /> ILLUMINATED: Internally Externally Not Illuminated <br /> SIZE OF SIGN FACE: Width: Height: Number of Faces: <br /> SETBACK IN FEET FROM PROPERTY LINE: <br /> TOTAL HEIGHT IN FEET TO TOP OF SIGN: <br /> TOTAL HEIGHT IN FEET TO BOTTOM OF SIGN: <br /> SIGN MESSAGE (REMARKS): <br /> Applicant's Signature Building Owner's Signature <br /> For Staff Use Only <br /> Date Received: Permit # Receipt# <br /> Parcel #: Frontage Fee <br /> Approved by Date Approved <br /> (See Other Side For Application Requirements) <br />