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Gray boxes to be <br /> filled in by staff only. <br /> CITY OF WINONA <br /> APPEAL TO BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT <br /> FOR MODIFICATION OF CITY CODE <br /> Date Owner <br /> Owner Address <br /> Petitioner Phone No. <br /> Petitioner Address <br /> As property owner or petitioner, I hereby make application to modify the City Code at the following <br /> address: <br /> It is understood that only those points specifically mentioned are affected by action taken on this <br /> appeal. <br /> Purpose in seeking Board of Adjustment hearing: <br /> See handout for required submittal information and general appeal information. <br /> The specific ordinance modification desired is <br /> I hereby certify that I am the owner of the above described property or am otherwise legally <br /> empowered to make this appeal. <br /> Received by <br /> (Applicant's Signature) <br /> The Board meets on the first and third Wednesday of every month. Petition must be filed by <br /> noon on the Friday 19 days prior to the Wednesday meeting date. The petitioner is required to attend <br /> the meeting. <br /> Petition# Receipt# Filing Fee <br /> Variance# Invoice <br /> Date Received Hearing Date Zoning <br />