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Joint Application Form for Activities AffectingWater Resources <br /> in Minnesota <br /> This joint application form is the accepted means for initiating review of proposals that may affect a water resource(wetland, <br /> tributary, lake,etc.)in the State of Minnesota under state and federal regulatory programs. Applicants for Minnesota Department <br /> of Natural Resources(DNR) Public Waters permits MUST use the MPARS online permitting system for submitting applications to <br /> the DNR. Applicants can use the information entered into MPARS to substitute for completing parts of this joint application form <br /> (see the paragraph on MPARS at the end of the joint application form instructions for additional information).This form is only <br /> applicable to the water resource aspects of proposed projects under state and federal regulatory programs; other local <br /> applications and approvals may be required. Depending on the nature of the project and the location and type of water resources <br /> impacted, multiple authorizations may be required as different regulatory programs have different types of jurisdiction over <br /> different types of resources. <br /> Regulatory Review Structure <br /> Federal <br /> The St. Paul District of the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers(Corps) is the federal agency that regulates discharges of dredged or fill <br /> material into waters of the United States(wetlands,tributaries, lakes, etc.) under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act(CWA)and <br /> regulates work in navigable waters under Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act. Applications are assigned to Corps project <br /> managers who are responsible for implementing the Corps regulatory program within a particular geographic area. <br /> State <br /> There are three state regulatory programs that regulate activities affecting water resources. The Wetland Conservation Act <br /> (WCA) regulates most activities affecting wetlands. It is administered by local government units(LGUs)which can be counties, <br /> townships,cities,watershed districts,watershed management organizations or state agencies(on state-owned land).The <br /> Minnesota DNR Division of Ecological and Water Resources issues permits for work in specially-designated public waters via the <br /> Public Waters Work Permit Program (DNR Public Waters Permits). The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency(MPCA) under Section <br /> 401 of the Clean Water Act certifies that discharges of dredged or fill material authorized by a federal permit or license comply <br /> with state water quality standards. One or more of these regulatory programs may be applicable to any one project. <br /> Required Information <br /> Prior to submitting an application,applicants are strongly encouraged to seek input from the Corps Project Manager and LGU staff <br /> to identify regulatory issues and required application materials for their proposed project. Project proponents can request a pre- <br /> application consultation with the Corps and LGU to discuss their proposed project by providing the information required in <br /> Sections 1 through 5 of this joint application form to facilitate a meaningful discussion about their project. Many LGUs provide a <br /> venue(such as regularly scheduled technical evaluation panel meetings)for potential applicants to discuss their projects with <br /> multiple agencies prior to submitting an application. Contact information is provided below. <br /> The following bullets outline the information generally required for several common types of determinations/authorizations. <br /> • For delineation approvals and/or jurisdictional determinations,submit Parts 1,2 and 5,and Attachment A. <br /> • For activities involving CWA/WCA exemptions,WCA no-loss determinations, and activities not requiring mitigation, <br /> submit Parts 1 through 5, and Attachment B. <br /> • For activities requiring compensatory mitigation/replacement plan, submit Parts 1 thru 5,and Attachments C and D. <br /> • For local road authority activities that qualify for the state's local road wetland replacement program,submit Parts 1 <br /> through 5, and Attachments C, D(if applicable),and E to both the Corps and the LGU. <br /> Minnesota Interagency Water Resource Application Form February 2014 Page 1 of 11 <br />