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2020 <br /> INTERIM USE PERMIT (IUP) APPLICATION <br /> COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, CITY OF WINONA, MINNESOTA 55987 <br /> P.O. BOX 378 507/457-8250 FAX: 507/457-8212 <br /> SITE ADDRESS: <br /> Property Owner: <br /> Company/Individual <br /> Contact Person E-mail <br /> Mailing Address Office Phone <br /> City/State2ip Mobile Phone <br /> Applicant: <br /> Company/Individual <br /> Contact Person E-mail <br /> Mailing Address Office Phone <br /> City/State/Zip Mobile Phone <br /> IUP Applications will not be processed without payment of the $215.00 fee. <br /> Additional information required for the IUP application is on following pages. A <br /> letter will be sent within 15 business days if more information is required to <br /> declare the IUP application complete. <br /> Note that any project which will generate 200+ semi-truck trips per day is required to <br /> complete a Transportation Impact Analysis prior to submitting this application. An <br /> analysis is also required if semis from the proposed use will increase the amount of <br /> traffic on any non-truck route by more than 20%. If potentially applicable, contact the <br /> Community Development Department to set up apre-application meeting. <br /> Zoning of Property: <br /> Signature of Applicant Signature of Land Owner <br /> (If different from applicant) <br /> For Staff Use Only <br /> Date Received: IUP # Receipt# <br /> Parcel #: Zoning <br /> LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY: <br />