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Owner Occupied Tourist Homes Specific IUP Criteria <br /> 1) The home shall be located on a lot that is owned by and includes the primary <br /> residence of the host or host family. The host or host family shall reside on the lot <br /> during any period of guest stay. <br /> 2) The home may be located within a principal or accessory structure, provided that all <br /> applicable building, housing, and sanitation codes are met. <br /> 3) Minimum lot area shall be computed at the rate of 1,500 square feet per guest <br /> room. This computation shall not include any portion of a lot that is considered to <br /> be undevelopable by local or state law. This computation shall not include the lot <br /> area requirement for the host family. <br /> 4) Paying overnight guests may be served only breakfast by the host or host family. <br /> The preparation of food by paying overnight guests may be permitted within guest <br /> rooms if properly inspected and licensed for that purpose. <br /> 5) Guest stay per person shall be limited to a maximum of twenty-nine (29) continuous <br /> days within a sixty (60) day period. <br /> 6) Off-street parking shall be provided on the basis of two spaces for the host or host <br /> family, plus one space per guest room. Provided that properties with valid rental <br /> certificates as of 6/21/17 shall be permitted to convert existing rental units into <br /> Tourist Homes without providing additional parking. The number of people <br /> permitted to rent the Tourist Home shall not exceed the number of occupants listed <br /> on the rental certificate. <br /> 7) One unlighted exterior sign shall be permitted. The sign shall not exceed two square <br /> feet in area and be attached flat to the wall of the principal structure. <br />