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1i1911 1111110 <br /> //��� f i, <br /> ��r�jib <br /> Schedule and Standings: <br /> CIT Y 0� '' League <br /> W I Nu`(N A Park&Recreation Hours: 8:00am-4:30pm M-F <br /> M I N N E SOTA After hours drop box located on the 4th Street side of City Hall <br /> building <br /> 2019-2020 Adult Basketball Policies & Regulations <br /> Role of Managers <br /> I. Team captains will be held responsible for player conduct. Unsportsmanlike conduct will <br /> result in player or team suspension if excessive. <br /> 11. Make sure everyone is on your roster and that rosters are turned in. <br /> III. Make sure your players know the rules of play, eligibility,conduct,and have a legal uniform. <br /> Roster Eligibility <br /> IV. All rosters must be turned in to the Scorekeepers'table or the Park& Recreation Office by <br /> December 20, 2019 (after the 3rd game). Late rosters will result in no further games being <br /> played for that team and loss by forfeit, until turned in. <br /> V. ROSTER LIMIT— 12 players per team. Players must be on a roster in order to play. <br /> V1. You may only be on one roster in the City of Winona Park Rec Basketball Leagues. <br /> VI1. Players must be at least eighteen years old and/or out of high school. <br /> VI 11. No Professional Players or current college players. <br /> I. After the initial roster deadline, players may be added or deleted from your roster before <br /> the next game they play in. Scorekeepers will keep the rosters at the gym, no need to call <br /> our office to make changes. No additions after January 24, 2020. <br /> 11. The penalty for playing unrostered players in a league game is a forfeit, if requested by the <br /> offended team or brought to the attention of the Recreation Director,within 24 hours. <br /> Equipment <br /> I. All teams must have similar colored tops with numbers. <br /> 11. Teams/players without appropriate jerseys must wear pinnies provided by Park&Rec. <br /> III. All braces/protective padding must be a soft, pliable nature. Any kind of jewelry is illegal <br /> and must be removed (wedding rings may be taped) <br /> Game Cancellations <br /> I. If it seems like games could be cancelled due to weather, check our Cancellation line: 507- <br /> 457-8220 after 4pm. If there is an outdated message,that means games are still on. <br /> 11. Rescheduled games:The schedule allows for one makeup night in the event that games are <br /> cancelled due to inclement weather. Any additional cancelled games may not be able to be <br /> rescheduled due to staff and court availability. <br /> III. Games will not be rescheduled if a team can't make it or doesn't have enough players.As <br /> a courtesy, if your team has to forfeit call our office so we can notify the other team. <br /> WSU Facility Use: <br /> I. You are allowed to bring WATER ONLY into the gym as long as it is in Plastic Bottles. You <br /> must clean up any spilled water immediately and take what you brought home with you. <br /> 11. NO SMOKI NG OR DRI N KI NG AT WSU FACI LITI ES <br /> III. Please be respectful of the facility so we do not lose the privilege of playing there. <br /> 1 of <br />