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'WINONA 2017 Kickball Rules <br /> ARK&RECREATION <br /> The following rules are not intended to be a complete listing of kickball rules, but rather a listing of"unique" rules for <br /> Park & Recreation Co. Rec. Kickball. In general kickball rules follow ASA Co. Rec. slow pitch softball rules. <br /> 1. Close Calls: At the FIRST sign of a dispute, players involved must immediately engage in a round of paper rock <br /> scissors. Any problems not handled by paper, rock, scissors must be solved by ONLY the two managers at home plate. <br /> 2. Must have at least minimum of 6 players, (maximum of 9)from start to finish, or you forfeit. No outs taken for having <br /> less than 9 players. You can only have a maximum of six infielders and an even number of men/women in the infield- <br /> may have more women than men, but not more men than women. <br /> 3. Kicking Order: Alternate Male/ Female maintaining the same kicking order throughout. Minimum of 3 players of <br /> each gender per team. May have more women than men but not more men than women. You may kick all of <br /> your substitute players present but the kicking order must alternate-may have women back to back after no more <br /> men, can't have men kicking back to back. Special note: If playing with more females and a female gets hurt you <br /> may change the kicking order by putting one of the previous back to back females in the injured female's kicking <br /> position to avoid males kicking back to back. <br /> 4. Unlimited substitutions however the kicking order must remain unchanged. (Position players must also kick/vice-versa.) <br /> 5. A player(s)who come(s) late may be added at the end of the line up or between two females if it's a male. <br /> 6. Intentional bunting is not permitted. Any questionable kick will be replayed. <br /> 7. Hitting a runner's head with the ball is NOT allowed, except when the runner is sliding into a base. Any runner hit <br /> in the head is safe, and advances to the base they were running toward when the ball hits his or her head. NOTE: <br /> If the runner intentionally uses the head to block the ball, the runner is out. <br /> 8. Pitcher/Catcher are male/female. <br /> 9. Balls: There are none. Bad pitches are to be re-thrown. Kicker and Pitcher decide. <br /> 10. Strikes (when a kicker swings his/her leg and misses the ball): 2 strikes are an out. Foul Balls: 2 foul balls are <br /> an out. Each inning consists of 3 outs. No Head Shots! No Courtesy! <br /> 11. Kicking the ball must be at or behind home plate. The kicker may step on home plate to kick; however, no part <br /> of the planted foot may be in front or across the front edge of the home plate. If kicked in front of the plate, the <br /> result would be a foul ball. Reminder: 2 foul balls are an out. <br /> 12. Outfielders must stay in the outfield grass until the ball is kicked. Penalty: No out if ball caught- kicker is awarded <br /> first base; all other base runners advance one base. <br /> 13. Recreation Supervisors are on location to record scores, keep time, apply band aids, deal with poor player conduct <br /> and call games when needed due to weather conditions. <br /> 14. If a ball is caught in the infield, base runners can advance after tagging up, and can be thrown out (any time a ball <br /> touches you and you are not on a base, you're out.) <br /> 15. An overthrow out of play ball will allow the base runner(s) one base. <br /> 16. NO stealing bases. NO leading off. <br /> 17. Games are seven innings with a time limit of 55 minutes-no new inning starts unless it's a tie-then play until you <br /> break the tie. <br /> 18. A game must complete 4 full innings to be an official game. <br /> 19. Eight run rule-A team can not score more than eight runs in one inning unless behind. <br /> 20. 12 run rule after 5, 20 run rule after 4. <br /> 21. Courtesy runners may be used-last out or someone who has not entered the game, not limited to injured players <br /> but must be male for male and female for female. <br /> 22. No smoking in dugout area or on playing fields. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed by players during the game <br /> anywhere. <br /> 23. NEW 2012: Concussion Law/Training/Education Certification: Minnesota Legislatures passed a law effective <br /> September 1, 2011 called the "Concussion Law" that requires training to improve player safety particularly for youth <br /> under the age of 18. Since we allow 16 & 17 year olds to participate in our Winona Park& Recreation Adult Program <br /> managers who have players under the age of 18 need to go through training prior to the start of our kickball season. <br /> You can find this on-line video training session developed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This training course <br /> involves watching a video, then successfully completing a short quiz. The entire training module can be completed <br /> in a little over a half hour. Once completed, you must print out your certificate, sign the dated certificate and keep it <br /> for your records. This certificate is good for three years. This CDC training can be found on the internet at <br /> (Coaches training for kids.) (Not the one for Health Professionals or Nurses) <br /> Please call our office if you need further details or clarification. <br />