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CITY OF ` <br /> WINON /Mwx <br /> MBNNESOTA <br /> 2018 Co-Rec Volleyball Rules & Regulations <br /> The following is not intended to be a complete listing of volleyball rules, but rather a list of"unique" <br /> rules for Park Rec. play.With the exception of the below rules, play will be governed by the Minnesota <br /> State High School League rules and Minnesota Sports Federation rules. <br /> Eligibility <br /> I. Players may not compete in more than one Park& Rec. co-rec volleyball league team. <br /> II. Players must be at least 18 years old and/or out of high school. A senior must be done with <br /> the volleyball season to be eligible to play in our recreation league. <br /> III. Teams with any combination of two or more USAV"A" players or current college players <br /> shall automatically be classified "A" (including men on college Club teams). <br /> Rosters <br /> I. Due on or before Friday,September 21 by 4:30pm. You may turn them into the East Rec <br /> Staff on-site, drop them off at the Park Rec office, or the drop box on the 41h Street side of <br /> City Hall after hours. <br /> II. Late rosters will result in at least a one match forfeit and no further matches being played <br /> by that team until the roster is turned in and the opposing team receives wins by forfeit. <br /> III. You may make additions/deletions to your roster until Friday,October 5 at 4:30pm by <br /> coming to the Park Rec office to add their name or emailing me their information at <br /> <br /> IV. Only individuals listed on your league roster will be allowed to participate. <br /> V. Roster Limit: 12 players per team. <br /> League Format <br /> I. Regular Season: each team will playa 10 game season. <br /> II. Schedules: online at <br /> III. Playoffs: single-elimination playoff will take place the week(s) after the regular season ends <br /> IV. The Court: regulation size(30'x60')with net height: 8ft (7' 115/8") <br /> V. Standings: Based on number of sets won. Standings will be posted online each week. <br /> VI. Tie Breaker Procedure <br /> 1. Head to Head/Record against tied teams (if more than one team is tied) <br /> 2. Point differential between tied teams <br /> 3. Least points allowed between tied teams <br /> 4. Least points allowed including all games played <br /> 5. Coin flip <br /> Match Format <br /> I. 3 sets played to 25 points,win by 2,with a 27-point cap. Rally scoring will be used. <br /> II. All three games will be played each match, regardless of whether one team wins the first <br /> two. Each game counts as one point in the standings. <br />