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/ <br /> ' CAMPAIGN FINANCIAL REPORT <br /> (All of the information;nuhis repart is public information) <br /> Name of candidate,committee orcorporayom Jov <br /> office sought o,ballot question K4aYor District of Winona <br /> Type of ^ Candidate report Period mfUnme covered byreport: <br /> report Campaign committee report <br /> Association or corporation report from 0X2/20 �o 6/23/28 <br /> Final report -------- ------- <br /> CONTRIBUTIONS RECEIVED <br /> Give the total for all contributions received during the period of time covered by this report. Contributions should be listed by 4mu <br /> (money nrm'kmd)rather than contributor. See note oncontribution limits on the back qf this form, Use m separate sheet to itemize all <br /> contributions from a single source that exceeded$100 during the calendar year,This itemization must include name,address,employer <br /> or occupation|fse|f-emp/oyed'amovnt and date for these contributions, <br /> CASH $ 545.00 TOTAL CASH-ON-HAND <br /> � �1�'�� <br /> IN-KIND + $ �325 QA <br /> TOTAL AMOUNT RECEIVED = <br /> s .87OOD DISBURSEMENTS <br /> Include the amount,date and purpose for all disbursements made during the period of time covered by report, <br /> Attach additional sheets ifnecessary. <br /> Date Purpose Amount <br /> CU <br /> CORPORATE PROJECT EXPENDITURES <br /> Corporations must list any media project or corporate message project for which contribution(s) or expeucliture(s) total <br /> more than$Z0O. Submit a separate report for each project. Attach additional sheets ifnecessary, <br /> Project title ordescription <br /> --�xpenditure or <br /> Date Purpose Name and ATdt�ss <br /> of Recipient Contribution <br /> Amount <br /> C�Z <br /> I certify that this is a full and true statement, 06/30/2020 <br /> m ~--~ Sign� ure Date <br /> QJ� <br /> phntedNameSacahRoberts-Tremaurer Telephone /715\ 485-178�' Email (if available <br /> �� Address �� (�h��i�|� St, Winona, MN ����7 �-- <br />