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Winona City Council <br /> Zoom Meeting Access and Procedures, <br /> August 3, 2020 <br /> Meeting type: The regular meeting of the Winona City Council is being conducted <br /> electronically pursuant to Minnesota State Statute 13D.021, following the <br /> adoption of Resolution 2020-17 Declaring , pecial Emergency, as adopted by <br /> the Winona City Council on Monday, March 116, 2020. <br /> ,llll interested parties are invited to watch or listen to meeting via electronic means, This <br /> meeting is open, to the public via web or phone, 'This meeting begins at 6-30 p.m.,; <br /> please log in prior to the, start of the meeting, You may exit the meeting at any tirne. <br /> To oin the Zoom Meeting via, the web,, go to 11 1 n ,� /18 96�46 59,1 6 Fund <br /> i I'll 111114zoo i <br /> —1111— ,i s---.1.......... <br /> enter meeting ID-. <br /> 896, 465916 <br /> To join via phone, dial either phone number, <br /> 1-312-626-6799 US (Priority) <br /> 1-646-558-8656 US (Backup) <br /> When prompted, enter the following Meeting ID, 896 465 916 <br /> For_Ra rticip ants, <br /> • Only use one audio source; audio from COMPLIter !is preferred if available. <br /> • Be aware, of background noise from your location, <br /> • If Li Sing phone, do not use the speaker function. Please note that,your phone <br /> number and/or name will be visible to other participantsm <br /> • If using a web cam, be aware of what is in your background, <br /> • If you have headphones, please use them as that will Nitwit background noise, <br /> • Please mute your audio until you wish to speak, Then unrinute your audlio, and <br /> ask the Mayor for permigsion, to talk. <br />